Craft Vendors

MAH Museum of Art & History

Kids hands-on activities

Helen Aldana •

The Kids Zone

More hands-on activities for younger attendees!

The Better Bag

Hand-made Japan-themed aprons, bags, potholders, doll clothes, doggie clothes.

Violet Reeser •

ChibiJay Designs

Japanese-inspired crafts—origami papers, jewelry, chopsticks, tea light holders,

chiyogami pencils, and more!

Judy Mui •

Emiko Case

Calligraphy and cards.

Five Palms Jewelry

Biwa pearl jewelry.

Lesley Holtaway •

Harvest Land

Hand screen-printed T shirts, sweatshirts, bags .

E. Toyoka/N Matsuzawa •

Heartfelt Gifts

Japan-themed bags, aprons, potholders.

Bonnie Chihara •

Helen Klee Bonsai

Bonsai and cards.

Helen Klee •

Watsonville Taiko

CD’s, tote bags,T-shirts, sweatshirts

Kay Miyamoto •

Nami Creations

Kanzashi hair ornaments.

Leila Kiba •

San Francisco Taiko Dojo

SF Taiko information/T-shirts

Yuma Tanaka •

Shumei of San Francisco

Traditional farming/healing.

Jim Kashiwagi


Japanese tools: woodworking, gardening, cutlery.

Sayuri Suzuki •

Yume Glass Art

Art clothing & accessories made from kimono; kiln-formed fused glass jewelry.

Yoshiko Suzuki • 

JCF Main Table

JCF T-Shirts

Waka Ozawa

One-of-a-kind clothes & purses created from vintage kimonos and obis

Waka Ozawa •

Silent Auction tables

Participate in our silent auction to support JCF and bid for an assortment of great items.